Wedding Planning Productivity Hacks

A young woman sitting outside on her laptop and wedding planning.

You’re engaged—congratulations! Now it’s time for the exciting part: wedding planning. Well, exciting as well as time-consuming and, let’s be honest—stressful. As much as you may think wedding planning won’t take over your life, the truth is that it can get pretty overwhelming at times even if you have hired a wedding planner. This is when knowing which productivity hacks to use comes in handy. Productivity hacks can lighten the load and help you plan your wedding more efficiently and effectively, meaning less stress and more rest. Read on for some productivity hacks for wedding planning you’ll want to bookmark.

Communication Hacks

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Communication is number one when it comes to wedding planning efficiency. You want to make sure you’re communicating your needs effectively to everyone from your fiancé and planner to the vendors and your mother. Know what you want and how others can best support you.

This is where communication tools, like Slack, come in handy, Slack is a good place for group messaging various people in a streamlined fashion. You can organize topics of conversations (“Wedding Party” and “Wedding Vendors”) and initiate conversations and follow-ups.

Google Meets is another easy way to connect in smaller groups with video calls. And the best part is that it’s really easy to schedule meetings and automatically adds your video calls to your Google calendar. You can also chat with each other online when you’re signed into your Google account, which is perfect for a quick message.

Organization Hacks

Time is everything when it comes to wedding planning, which is why you want to be as organized as possible with your various tasks. Prioritizing tasks on a monthly, weekly, and daily schedule can be helpful for all parties involved so everyone is clearly aware of their expectations and deadlines. By setting up a clear schedule, you and those supporting you can allocate the needed time to check off what’s next on the list. It keeps things flowing while also keeping everyone accountable.

Apps like Trello and Asana are great tools to be your own taskmaster as well as keep everyone on your wedding planning team up to speed on what they need to know. These apps help keep you and your team on track and help manage your team effectively.

Time-Suck Hacks

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Let’s face it: browsing, searching, and scrolling on our phones is a major time suck. While sometimes we need to just chill and Pinterest, the majority of the time we spend on our phones could be used more efficiently if we just had a little bit more willpower. Enter: Self Control. This app helps you block “distracting” websites (like Pinterest or Instagram), which can help free up your schedule so you can focus your web time on other pressing matters. Don’t worry—you can unblock these sites whenever you want and can even set up a time limit so you can scroll through Pinterest freely on the weekends.

Another time suck hack is adding Google Alerts to your email. For example, if you’re constantly searching for the perfect pair of wedding shoes that sold out everywhere, or wanting to find the perfect travel deal for your honeymoon, you can create a Google Alert for an item or place by selecting a keyword or phrase that will be sent to your inbox whenever Google finds what you’re looking for. Easy peasy!

Wedding planning can feel like an arduous process at times, but it doesn’t need to be complicated! By implementing some of these simple productivity hacks, wedding planning will not only be more efficient, but will be way more enjoyable, too!

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