Wedding Tech to Improve the Guest Experience

In recent years, weddings have changed a lot. There will always be trends and themes across the board that make their way into the wedding world, but technology seems to have changed weddings for the better in a myriad of ways. Learn how you can enhance the experience of your guests by taking advantage of the latest and greatest technology to hit the wedding industry.

Make Use of QR Codes

Everyone is familiar with QR codes, and especially during the COVID era, they’ve become more useful than ever. With that being said, they’ve made their way into the wedding industry, and they can really enhance your day, and the days leading up to your wedding, for guests when you put them to use in a smart way. For instance, use a QR code to allow guests to easily RSVP from their phone when they receive your invitation. This saves you money on RSVP cards and is simpler for guests than having to remember to stick their response card in the mail. This can be easily facilitated via site like RSVPify or even by using a convenient QR code generator.

Another way to incorporate QR codes into your big day is to make one available for guests to scan to see wedding photos as they’re being uploaded during and after the event. This is a great way to source images from guests, too, giving everyone a central location to view and add photos from your big day. Consider printing the QR code on favor tags or on every table for guests to easily scan and utilize.

Finally, use QR codes on your thank you notes to allow guests an easy way to access your professional wedding photos for their viewing, or you can even create a fun thank you video that guests can view through the code. QR codes are a versatile, simple, and a fun way to add some flair to your day and make the experience even better for guests.

Photo Booths

Another technological innovation that has taken the wedding industry by storm is photo booths. These are super fun for guests to use during your event, and there’s no shortage of options out there of photo booths for your particular event. Thanks to celebrities like the Kardashians who frequently using photo booths at their events, hosts and guests alike have developed love for these popular add-ons. These can be really high-tech with touch screens for easy automation, or some may be manned by a photo booth monitor for the duration of the event. Photobooths can be as luxe or as bare bones as you decide, but either way they’re sure to be fun for guests and for you to see all of their photos afterwards, too!

Simplify Your Registry

Gone are the days of having clunky, spread out registries across different websites. Instead, you can now create a much more centralized registry on one master site that still allows you to register at multiple stores. This is easier for both the couple and guests, allowing a more holistic look at everything a couple is registered for, rather than having to toggle between sites, search multiple times, and so on. Sites like Zola and the Knot offer easy-to-use platforms for facilitating this with your registry.

Live Streaming

Another great way to enhance the guest experience for those looking to enjoy your wedding day from afar is the ability to live stream the ceremony. This can be easily done and, in large part thanks to COVID restrictions, has become super popular in the recent year or so. Use sites like Facebook with their “live” feature or other more specific platforms. You can work with your videographer to make this happen or take more of a DIY approach and enlist in the help of a family member or friend to record the wedding and be in charge of the live feed. Whatever way you decide to do this, it’ll be a special moment for those looking to take part in your big day without actually physically being present.

Technological advancements make life easier, and weddings are no exception to this rule! Your experience and that of your guests is sure to be enhanced by these tech innovations.

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