What to Pack in a Groom’s Wedding Emergency Kit

A groom getting out of a vintage car with his bride in the foreground.

You’ve probably heard of bridal emergency kits, and perhaps even already have one. But have you thought of preparing one for the groom as well? Wedding emergency kits are a must-have for both parties and they serve the same purpose. After all, you don’t want a small hiccup to ruin your special day, especially if it’s one that could’ve easily been fixed had you been prepared!

Of course, you can always buy a pre-packed groom emergency kit—there are several companies out there that sell stylish ones. However, you’ll still want to add a few essentials that are specific to your needs, such as medications or even a spare shirt. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so here are some key items to include when you pack it all up.

Sewing Kit

A torn hem or loose button can happen to anyone—even with high-quality clothing. For this reason, the number one item in any emergency kit is a sewing kit, which should at least have needles and threads, several safety pins, and extra buttons. There are only a couple of things to note. First, make sure you know how to use it or at least have someone within the wedding party that does. And second, double-check that the thread matches the color of your outfit, as most mini sewing kits you’ll find in store only have the basics.

Stain Remover

On a related note, you’re also not immune from the occasional stain or spill, which is why a stain remover such as a Tide to Go pen or individually wrapped stain-remover wipes are the second must-have in your kit. You’ll definitely want to have it if you’re wearing light-colored clothing. In addition, have a set of shoe-shine wipes to touch up your shoes throughout the day.

Extra Clothing

A groom wearing suspenders and adjusting his shirt cuffs.

If worse comes to worst, it’s also smart to have a few extra items of clothing on hand. Specifically, it’s recommended to have an extra shirt and tie, as well as a pair of socks and another set of cufflinks. And even if you don’t end up needing them, one of your groomsmen or guests might thank you later. Other useful clothing-related items are a lint brush, and possibly a portable iron or steamer.

Grooming Essentials

A mini toiletry kit is also a must. It’s going to be a long day, so the groom will likely need to freshen up once or twice. Some basic items to have on hand include antiperspirant or deodorant, cologne, mouthwash, breath mints, lip balm, a comb, and a nail clipper. You might also want to consider packing translucent face powder, especially if your wedding falls on a hot day. And if your wedding is mainly outside, don’t forget to touch up your sunscreen, too! Nobody wants to look sunburned in their wedding photos.

First Aid Kit

A general first aid kit is great to have on hand for all guests in case of an emergency, but you’ll also want to have a few personal items such as pills for a headache or upset stomach, as well as any prescription medication if you take it. For example, if you suffer from food allergies, you don’t want to be left without an EpiPen. And if you wear contacts, keep a spare set with you in addition to your eye drops.


A groom in a tuxedo with a blue and white polka dot tie and handkerchief.

Most grooms will probably agree that a handkerchief looks far classier than a pack of tissues. So, if you think you might get a bit teary-eyed (or your fiancée might), or expect to work up a sweat, you’ll want to have one in your jacket. Yes, most groom suits include one as part of the outfit, but if yours doesn’t, don’t neglect its importance.

Petty Cash

This seems obvious, but you’ll be surprised how many people forget it. You never know when good old-fashioned cash might come in handy and it’s good to have a few bills in your pocket for the occasional tip.

Phone Charger

Although you’re hopefully not going to be on your phone at your own wedding, you might be using it throughout the day to take photos or look up driving directions. As you’ll be away from home for most of the day, it’s better to have a phone charger or power bank as a back-up.

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