Why First Looks Are so Popular

A bride and groom having their first look.

First looks are becoming somewhat of a wedding tradition—which is interesting because it negates an old practice of not seeing each other on the wedding day before walking down the aisle. If you’re considering a first look with your photographer, you may be wondering just what makes them so popular. We have a range of reasons for why couples have been loving this new tradition.

It Provides Some Privacy Before Spending Time with Your Guests

One of the biggest reasons why couples love having a first look is that it provides a few sweet moments of privacy. This will prove to be a rarity on your wedding day, with so many guests to greet and mingle with. Plus, if you don’t do a first look, the moment you see your fiancé for the first time will be at the altar, which is a much more public way. It really depends on your preferences! However, many couples value having a few sweet stolen moments for the two of them that they’ll forever remember!

It May Calm Your Nerves

A bride and groom having their first look.

There can be a lot of nervousness associated with seeing your future spouse for the first time with every wedding guest watching. That’s totally normal! To mitigate those nerves, you may want to choose to do a first look. This takes some of the pressure off of the moment and allows you to see your future spouse by yourself, making it a breeze when you’re ready to walk down the aisle.

It Offers an Opportunity for Beautiful Photos

First looks allow you to get more great photos of you and your spouse than if you decide not to see them until the ceremony. This is because you’ll be so much less rushed than you would be after the ceremony before heading to your reception. First looks are super popular for this reason alone, as they alleviate a lot of the stress around the timeline on your wedding day, which can be pretty hectic. Your photographer will also get to capture more raw emotion by shooting your first look, as you may be more likely to hold back during a ceremony in front of all of your guests. There’s nothing better than seeing the progression of a big first look reveal once you get your wedding photos back!

You’ll be “Fresher”

A bride and groom having their first look.

Since a first look comes before any of the official wedding festivities kick off, you’ll look as fresh as possible for this big moment and for these photos. This is a big reason why a lot of people love doing these. Your hair and makeup will look fresh and you won’t have to worry about keeping it absolutely perfect for that big reveal to your future spouse if you decide to do a first look.

It Allows You to Attend the Cocktail Hour

A first look is a great way to ensure that you get to actually attend your cocktail hour. Many couples end up missing this fun part of their big day to take portraits together, but if you do this photo shoot before the ceremony, you’ll have a much better chance of actually being able to enjoy your cocktail hour and use it as time to mingle with your guests.

You’ll Be More Present During the Ceremony

A bride and groom having their first look.

Another big reason that couples love doing a first look is that it allows them to be more present during their ceremony. This is because you’re not nearly as focused on seeing your soon-to-be spouse or posing for the camera in this moment. Instead, you can really take in what’s going on around you and enjoy the moment that you officially become husband and wife!

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