Why Trendy Micro Weddings Are Now Here to Stay

A micro wedding ceremony set up on the beach of a lake and decorated with pink florals.

Tiger King. Sourdough starter. Live-streamed concerts.

The COVID-19 pandemic generated a lot of cultural trends, some of which we’re happy to leave behind (let’s please make awkward Zoom happy hours a thing of the past). But there’s one COVID-19 trend that promises to stand the test of time, and we’re glad to see it.

Micro weddings are small, intimate wedding celebrations with no more than 50 guests—and they’re really having a moment! Micro weddings came into popularity as a precaution during COVID-19, but their appeal far exceeds safety. While they’re certainly a sensible option from a safety standpoint, there are several other reasons why they’re a great fit for many couples about to tie the knot. Here are just a few reasons why the trend of micro weddings is here to stay.

Micro Weddings Fit Budgets of Every Size

An outdoor wedding reception in Hawaii on the beach.

Maybe you’ve got plenty of capital to spend and you want a destination wedding. Or maybe you’re on a tight budget and want to keep your wedding festivities simple and frugal. Whatever the case may be, a micro wedding is a low-cost, high-impact way to celebrate your love without breaking the bank.

Micro Weddings Diminish the Stress of Planning and Logistics

There’s no way to 100% eliminate wedding stress. After all, getting married is a huge deal! However, sizing down your wedding can certainly alleviate some of the anxiety that comes with assembling a big guest list, finding the right venue to accommodate lots of guests, feeding a big group, dealing with a demanding bridal party, balancing a big slate of vendors, and so on.

Micro Weddings Allow for a More Intimate, Personal Wedding Experience

A bride and her maid of honor hugging each other.

If you’ve ever talked to someone who has been married in a big ceremony, you might have heard them say something like this: “Your wedding day goes by in a flash. You’re so busy that you’re lucky to even get a bite of your own wedding cake.” Don’t get us wrong: there’s a lot of fun to be had in the hoopla of a big wedding. But if you’re looking for a chance to more fully experience your wedding day—plus the company of your new spouse and loved ones—a micro wedding is a great option. It’s a lot easier to kick back and relax if you don’t have hundreds of guests vying for your attention, or a strict wedding agenda you need to stick to.

Micro Weddings Are Less Anxiety-Inducing on Your Big Day

A micro wedding will also make the day-of activities less stressful. With just a small group of friends and family, you won’t have to be as nervous about every little wedding detail happening without a hitch.

Micro Weddings Allow You to Bend the Rules a Bit

A bride and groom standing on a cliff at their micro wedding, overlooking mountain ranges.

Most big, traditional weddings have a similar agenda of events for the flow of the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. But when you have a non-traditional micro wedding, these rules relax a bit. In these settings, you get to make new rules about the flow of the day and any creative touches you want to add into the day. You can even broaden your horizons for venues; for example, renting a café or restaurant, setting up at a park, or hosting the event at your childhood home.

Micro Weddings Allow You to Optimize Your Guests’ Experience as Well

Certainly, a micro wedding will result in less planning stress for you and your spouse-to-be. But it will also allow you to focus your attention on meaningful, personalized touches for the small group of guests who will be taking part in your special day. Without having to worry about making arrangements for tons of people, you can concentrate on creating a fun, special experience for your most beloved friends and family—with every detail culminating in a day that’s unforgettable for everyone.

Micro weddings are here to stay, and they might just be the right option for you. Take some time to consider the pros and cons, and let your imagination run free as you plan the special day.

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