Why You May Want to Get off the Pill (And What to Use Instead)

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Birth control pills are often the default contraception option for many women, and there are so many different ones on the market these days. With that being said, if you’re on the pill, there are a variety of reasons to consider getting off of it and switching to a different form of birth control. These reasons, and your alternate options, are explained below.

Fewer Mood Changes

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Many women who take a hormonal birth control pill report having frequent mood changes or swings. This can severely impact your day-to-day life if it happens to you. With that being said, this is another reason to consider going off of the pill. Since these pills contain hormones, they can cause changes in mood, which could really impact your life and interactions with others.

Diet Accommodations

Commonly referred to as “the pill,” many varieties of this form of birth control are not vegan-friendly. That’s because they could contain lactose in their chemical makeup. If you’re concerned with not ingesting animal products, this is a reason for you to quit the pill and go with an alternate form of birth control.

Increased Libido

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Some women report that they have an increased sex drive off of the pill, which could be an enticing reason to quit it. This could be of great benefit to your romantic relationships and could breathe new life into your bedroom.

No Need to Remember

Taking the pill every day can be inconvenient because you have to remember to do it day in and day out. Missing even one day could put you at risk for an unwanted pregnancy. Simply put, there are other options for birth control that will make your life easier, and that alone makes them worth considering.

Enhanced Mental Clarity

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Some women state that going off the pill provided them with a renewed sense of mental clarity. This could be attributed to no longer ingesting hormones that could interact negatively with other aspects of your health. So, going off the pill could allow you to think more clearly and even be more productive.

Alternate Birth Control Options

There are definitely other birth control methods that are just as effective (if not more so) than birth control pills. Check them out below.


Intrauterine devices (IUDs) are highly popular when it comes to an alternate form of birth control. And that’s with good reason! These small devices come in hormonal and non-hormonal varieties and are inserted into your cervix by your doctor. You can’t feel it in your body and it is effective for anywhere from three to 12 years depending on which one you go with. An IUD can be removed at any time and allows for an immediate return to fertility once it’s out of your body. IUDs are (quite impressively) 99 percent effective. This is one of those “forget about it” birth control methods because it requires no thought once its been inserted by a doctor.

Birth Control Shot

Administered on a quarterly basis by a doctor or healthcare provider, birth control shots are 94 percent effective. It’s as simple as visiting your doctor’s office and receiving a quick shot for this method of birth control to work as intended.

Vaginal Rings

Boasting a 91 percent success rate at preventing pregnancy, vaginal rings are another contraception option. These are placed in the vagina every three to six weeks.

Birth Control Patch

A birth control patch is also 91 percent effective, just like the rings. These patches needs to be changed out weekly, but it’s still a more convenient birth control method than taking a pill daily. The patch can be worn on your upper arm, back, belly, or on your upper buttocks depending on the brand.

You definitely have options when it comes to your birth control! For more information surrounding what’s best for you and your sexual health, discuss your options with a healthcare provider.

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